Eat Well, Travel Often: Lessons To Live By

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

Two of my favorite things in life are travelling and food. The amazing thing about travelling is that it always has so much to teach you about yourself. The completely different ways that people opperate their lives depending on where you go. Either creates such a level of gratitude within you or an inspiration to change something about how you currently live day to day. I always make sure to bring my journal with me when I travel so that my life altering insights are caught and can later be implemented. I went to Las Vegas recently and ordered a dish and it was, I would say, 3 times the size I could eat of a meal. I apprecaited it because I was there for a few days and it was multiple meals but it made me think about how much different people view food depending on where you go.

Food changes dramatically around the world everything from how it is prepared viewed and experienced, because food really and truely should be an experience. There is an amazing 5 part series on netflix about food preparation and cultural ideals about food. It's called Chef's Table. Sooo soo good. Really opens your mind to how food should be seen and experienced. I think here in North America we can begin to loose this particular way of indulgence around food, the view that it is a deeply spiritual, nurturing practice that should be seen as sacred. We (main stream North Americans) indulge here but not in foods that are equally as healthy as they are delicious and beautiful. My goal is to not fall back into that way of being I want to be so excited about every meal I eat and also know that its so good for me.

What I want you to all do this week is make an effort to make your food from scratch with your hands, love it as you prepare it, smell everything, use real herbs and spices, and plate it as if you're a 5 star Chef as a gift to yourself. And please please send me your pictures!

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