On the Road To Becoming Fearless

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

This is my guide to becoming fearless in a world of negative Nelly's and 9-5 Clive's. Whether you are hoping to get away from that 9-5 or simply get out of your comfort zone.

Number One: Do your Research

The first step to becoming fiercely you is learn who you are. Explore the internet, find something that makes you tick. That gives you that 'omg I am so small in this magnificent world of possibility' feeling. Read obsessive amounts of books on whatever topic it is that ignites your soul, even if it isn't going to bring you money. A quote that has always resonated with me is

"Embrace it with both arms, hug it, love it and above all become passionate about it. Lukewarm is no good. Hot is no good either. White-hot and passionate is the only thing to be."

-Roald Dahl, My Uncle Oswald.

See where that passion takes you, you may find yourself in the deepest parts of the internet learning about aliens, as I have myself, but the idea is to break your mind juuuust a little bit. We have been trained to work for a common goal, one that alienates us from ourselves and our own personal goals, one where our emotional and physical efforts aren't always benefitting us or even allowing us to witness the effects of our hard work.

If you are passionate about something investigate, the rest will come in time.

Number Two: Learn about your market

Find your people, if you love numbers find the people who love numbers, if you feel alive dancing, do it. It is more than possible to grow within your passion when you find your tribe. I myself started on my own self awakening journey through business and yoga and the amazing people who have slowly coaxed me out of my shell. I found people online and in my city who l connected with. People who inspired me like @the_southern_yogi and @rivkayoga helped me fuel my passion for yoga. My amazing boyfriend who inspires me on the regular to be more self aware and driven.

Not only do you want to find those who inspire you but figure out who you want to inspire and allow that to fuel you. If you aspire to be hmm... a fashion blogger, you should be finding the people who inspire you and learn from them.

Number Three: Do whatever you need to do to believe.

This means forcing yourself to read some books, some of them you might not necessarily want to read but you know you will appreciate after having read them. For me I never believed I could own my own business and work from wherever I want because I found business topics incredibly boring. Now that I look back I should not have focused on the little details quite so early but decided what I want to share with the world and imagine it, envision it on a daily basis. Most importantly envision yourself as a person and how you would be when you get to where you want in life. That belief will grow into something that you may later regret because of how distracting and exciting it is, leaving you overwhelmed by other tasks. YOU CAN DO WHAT YOU WANT. Always remember you decide how you want to live. No one else.

This is the power of self-suggestion, your subconscious mind will slowly help you to create and manifest what you desire into tangible steps. Never underestimate the power of your imagination.

Number Four: Get Rid of the Negativity

As @GaryVaynerchuk says do an audit of your life and your circle. It may be hard to purge your interactions, friends, or for me family. You care about these people and by no means am I saying to cut them off totally. However, you need to have your influential conversations and interactions be positive and limitless. Someone who you no longer connect with because you believe in yourself and they don't, they either need to evolve or you need to move on. Simple as that. In the past I would try to argue my opinions, try to convince them by explaining how I feel a certain way. It can be draining of your energy and belief to hear someone you look up to or believe in not believe in you or in themselves. Eventually you can stop and realize that perhaps they will see in time and if not it is not beneficial to you or them to fight it. You know you are going to get there. The people that matter agree.

Number Five: Get Uncomfortable

This is where the acting comes into play. You may be passionate about something and wish to create a life through that passion and that requires commitment and learning. You can learn as you go 100%. You can see that here on my website, not everything is to a T. However, if you want to eventually be profitable in that endeavour you need to make a schedule and plan like any other business. Put in your calendar when you will be doing what for that business and stick to it. Learn from different people in different areas you aren't as good in, for me numbers. Read about business, super boring bleh. If you want it you will do it. It isn't always easy. On social media lately there has been this huge trend of entrepreneurs and their lifestyle, that is great for motivation but that is the end result. You will need to work hard, you won't always have fun. Sometimes as much as it is your passion you just won't be in the mood to hustle. You have to hustle! Or I like to stay align.

Learn to get out of your comfort zone. I am still working on this one. To this day I am scared of acting out a business conversation with my mentor or those who I am mentoring. Irrational? Yes, definitely... who knows why. That is one goal that I will be updating you all on in the hopefully near future.

That is all for today my loves. To get the gist of my ramblings: You want to find your passions, the people who share those passions, your motivations and purge the things holding you back, people and habits.

Please let me know if you have any thoughts, any thing you agree with or disagree with down below in the comments. ♥ Thanks so much for reading my first ever post!

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