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Updated: Mar 5, 2020

This is my gift giving guide for the people in my life who are special, and for those I'm not as close with but still have a special place in my heart.

My gift giving this December has been centred around all the things that I found had a magical influence on my life this year. I know that not everyone will want the same things as you yourself enjoy, but I find that most people surround themselves with like minded individuals and those who value the same things.

For family: I find the simple things go the longest way, those things they have been hoping for all year long, or been trying to find the money to go splurge on themselves for once. Most people know their parents too well to know what to get them. By this I mean they overlook the little things that bring their parents joy, or neglect what they have said they want because they don't relate.

I think that the following are some great ideas:

Wine subscription boxes are an amazing gift for the wine lover, a good one is the Wine Of The Month box that features 2 premium wines every month, or in 3 month increments. They have options for 1 month auto renew, 3 month, 6 month, and 1 year subscriptions. All around a wonderful gift.

Spa Gift cards are a great option, now with Grouponthere are so many deals available online. Give your loved ones a chance to truly take a break.

A great option for the yard worker may be a new pair of headphones that are an update to his oldie but goodie wired pair. We all know a dad who likes to use those while mowing the lawn and leaf blowing but one day he'll get that cord caught and in to the mower that phone goes. Hereis my preference after doing some research.

I don't know about everyone but my dad is a man of simple taste and doesn't need much to be happy, for the past 3 years or so I have gotten him better and better travel mugs and he just flips out in excitement. A great one is the Yetimugs on amazon a bit priceyer but definitely a good investment.

Some gifts can be extremely catered to a specific person. For my sister I got her a waffle maker because she has celiac/cannot eat gluten and it is one of those luxury foods that she doesn't usually get to order in a restaurant. She will love to have homemade waffles, that she can actually eat! On another note getting small appliances is a wonderful idea for someone who's in their 20's that way when they decide to move out they might have some nice things to take with them.

Booksare an amazing all around thoughtful gift to give anyone! Some of my favourites are:

Anything Gabrielle Bernstein, I may just be obsessed but she has really thought provoking books that don't make you hate yourself, lol. Very accepting, loving and non biased books.

The Universe Has Your Back, Spirit Junkie, The Self Love Experiment; any of the yoga beginner guide books out there, there are a ton of amazing ones; The Oh She Glows Cookbook; any of the motivation/mindfulness/positivity journals. Don't stop there think about that person and get them something they would never have bought for themselves but are really nice things to have around the house, like coffee table books.

Stocking stuffers and small combinables: Candles, essential oils, incense and other self love/care promoting items. I love DoTerra, and Saje. I think getting small cozy gifts are really thoughtful. Things like reading socks, blankets and hot drinksare amazing little gifts that can be put into a basket, stocking, you name it.

The Universe Has Your Back(available on amazon) card deck are great for any meditators, affirmation speakers out there. Tarot cards and crystals another fun thing to get for your spiritual friends.

Think cozy, things that helped you reconnect with yourself and share that.

I hope you all have a magical holiday season and are celebrating.



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