The 7 of Water Card

I had an incredibly emotional and overwhelming day, not in a bad way necessarily. A couple friends and I went to a Medium and upon entering the location we were each handed a Tarot card. I received the 7 of Water. We were all in this big Church auditorium, I went and sat on the upper level near the back with my boyfriend because I can admit I'm fairly skeptical as well as terrified by the idea of my passed loved ones following me around. I always like to think that they are hopefully at peace some where, or reincarnated once again living their souls journey. However, this night I was feeling whimsical because I had a very thoughtful drive over, I often find my self lost in thought when I am alone. When I had arrived at this church I experienced a feeling of calm and mystery that I couldn't explain.

This medium spoke to numerous people in the crowd about this and that, some things resonated with people and some did not. I was quietly listening enjoying being out on a beautiful summer evening. Nearing the end of her performance she sang Lean on Me by Jimmy Cliff and I quite honestly was over come with emotion. I cannot explain it much more than by a memory of an old friend who once sang this song to me so beautifully that since it has brought a tear to my eye everytime I hear it.

I reconnected with the group I had came with and we all spoke of the event and what we thought. A tear rolled down my cheek and I remember thinking "Oh please not in front of these people" because they are business associates and people I would prefer not to show any weakness around. One of them noticed and said something along the lines of "You need to experience what comes to you because it all matters. You are a beautiful soul and it is okay to be moved by things. That is what will make you different." She had also expressed that she herself felt that there was a heavier energy around the evening one that only some might notice.

I felt a bit better and quite loved. She got a few people, other friends of ours and we had a group hug which sounds funny. But I honestly felt some serious love. Some love I couldn't pin point the origin of. It shocked me a bit. I realized that people like that, who are open to show love and compassion are the ones I want to surround myself with.

Upon arriving back to my boyfriends place we decided to look up what our tarot cards meant. Mine was 7 of Water: Which from this website that I found refers to creative energy, imagination, dreams and visions of how to alter your current reality into one of your most infinitely creative making. How to change your future; what you previously thought was possible and that life is destined to turn out how you decide not how others tell you it should or will be. It advices that you allow yourself to daydream, experience whimsy and allow yourself to manifest and alter those thoughts into something tangible and real.

I see myself as a more of an outside of the box thinker. I found being in school for something I was not passionate about brought me less happiness than I'd hoped for. I found myself constantly off on the hopes that there was more, more to life, more beauty.

When I had received this card I was in the midst of a very energy shifting stage in my life and it felt almost unbelievable to read this card. To feel like nothing in my life could have been more accurate. Like my thoughts and hopes were being reaffirmed.

Thank you all for reading my little recalling of this experience. It was a magical one.



#tarot #medium #mediumship #emotion #gratitude #wonder

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