Life is Not That Serious

Let me just stay to preface this post that if you are in school and really truly cannot wait to be done to be in the working world and your degree is something that is required to go into that field. Than don't think that I am saying that temporary dissatisfaction means to leave what you are working so hard to accomplish.

This is my thoughts on what it means to know where you are going and take the steps necessary to move in the right direction. Hopefully if you are in school you have decided what that degree will be going towards.

Now those of you who are unsure of where you are going, what excites you or what you are passionate about you may want to take time to figure that out before you commit to large financial and time commitments like university. Take a year to figure out your self on your own, out side of high school, away from codependent relationships. Find out what it is that you alone love to do, what interests you, travel perhaps.

For those of you who have been struggling for awhile with a decision let me first say you are not alone. Second you cannot continue to lie to yourself as uncomfortable as it may be to admit to yourself. I promise if you are honest with your self and have faith that it will all work out you will be so immensely happy that the stress of the little things will slowly fade away and you will feel more satisfied being far away from that goal but still closer than you were before.

If you feel overwhelmed and disinterested the majority of the time that is only a preview to the rest of your life if you don't change something. Feelings are important and they happen like signals to guide us in the direction of our most fulfilled selves. Learn to appreciate how you feel and listen to those feelings.

Life is not that serious. Nothing that causes you great distress is truly worth it, or you should not have to experience prolonged distress and if you are you may want to change something.

At least in North America, we have a wealth of opportunity and ample ability to change our situation. If you do not see that you need to change your associations, those who you spend the most time with influence your outlook on life. Anything is possible, anything!

Go find some happy people who tell you you are incredible and can conquer your dreams, and go get it. It will take a while and effort however, I have found more happiness in my slow dream building than I ever did in my safety net. Get out of your comfort zone. In yoga they say that the true practice begins when you begin to feel like you cannot go on. Find your edge, and tip over it. What is something you have always wanted to do but its too much work or you're scared?

Life is supposed to be enjoyed and for me if I can help someone else find joy than I am enjoying.



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