The Awe of Travel Brain

Traveling creates a sense of mystery and wonder. The awe of being in a big city where no one, not a soul knows your name, is the most magnificent feeling I know of. Some of my most beautiful beginnings have come out of my travels. I find the ability to detach myself from the people, situations and places that I love if only for a moment and allow that moment to help me reflect on those situations, how I can improve them or if they no longer serve me. It is extremely liberating. I find myself often lost in my daily routine, it can be hard to imagine and work towards what life could/should be.

It's a radical conscious awakening to the life you're currently living. You may realize some ways in which you can be doing better or new ways for you to go about life. Whether it be walking more, or a different way of thinking. All subtle changes you experience through travel that jerk you out of your comfort. Of course you can experience these things in your own city, just not as forcefully. Decision making means cutting off all other options, having no choice but to succeed. Traveling is a great example of this. You are away from home, anyone you can rely on is not available to help you, you don't know where anything is, but you need to live and in the struggle of figuring it out you will grow more than you have in years.

There is also the refreshing realization that you have no responsibility other than to yourself during that time. You can do what ever you want. Shape the day how you wish you could all the time. Allow that to be a template for your dream building, think back to those days when you were away. Life could be like that all the time. How are you going to get there?

It can also be a nice little reset, escaping to a beach somewhere is an awesome way to distance your self from stresses of making a living, daily routine, lack of fulfillment. You can ignore some negativity and begin to realize its irrelevance to your happiness.

I recommend making it a priority to get out of town for a few days every once in a while. Be mindful while on vacation become aware of the subtle changes in your reactions, your thoughts and your habits. And if at all possible leave your negativity in some random far off land so that it can never influence you again!

Take a look up at the sky, realize how small you are in the world, be grateful, experience total and utter awe of the magnificence.



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