How To Know What You Want.

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

This is a post for when your mind starts to wander and it lands in that forbidden place of day dream. You try to slowly coax it back into your reach, into a realm where you are safe, secure. Where there is room for failure, but acceptable failure, common failure. The idea that anyone may know what it is that they want is hard for those who don't to understand. When you experience joy, at a thought, you have found it. When you cannot bring your mind back to the life your living currently with any sense of satisfaction you know you have found it.

Allow yourself to day dream. Allow yourself to fantasize, imagine, manifest. When you begin to play into those dreams the universe has a way of moving with you. When you have been living the safe life that was set up for you... you will feel that never-ending tug in the direction of happiness.

Now, that's not to say that happiness isn't always a day by day choice but happiness has a way of seeping into your mind and giving you little hints. Sometimes big huge uncomfortable hints. Sometimes the things and situations that you have been struggling with the most are the ones that in the end will create a life of purpose.

I am a great example of that, I grew up with the constant back pain, headaches, migraines, menstrual pain and digestion issues. No fault of my upbringing, just genetics and life in a place overflowing with processed food.

That has led my interest into holistic healing the power of healthy eating, taking care of yourself and living mindfully.

What I'm saying is eventually if you explore enough you will find what it is you want and your intuition will yell at you a little bit. Listen to your thoughts, your anxieties, your discomfort, I strongly believe that they are there for a reason.

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