Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Hello! Its been awhile, I have been super busy and have missed this platform of my mind dump you could call it.

Today I am going through a bit of a detox, I recently started taking a cellular detoxdrink and also changing my diet again. I have begun to truly appreciated things from an entirely different perspective, I now find the things I once found so important irrelevant, and the things I didn't even recognize in the past the most impactful. I have recently changed my whole life as well. I probably say that a lot if you have met me in person, because I do feel like I change all the time. Right now I am referring to my overall sense of awareness. I am beginning to understand my body and its intolerances and its reactions to different foods and feel truly liberated by the idea that I can choose how I will feel based on what I feed myself. I have always had a hard time with food, I eat when I am stressed, sad, emotional, etc. I decided to cut out dairy and gluten and I can honestly say I was wrong when I used to tell my father that gluten didn't affect me. It 100% does. Today I went for sushi, have been eating gluten and dairy free for about 4 months now consistently. On and off I'll have a little morsel of something because I have no true resistance haha. Anyway, I got home and immediately felt like I was pregnant with a food baby, and took a two hour nap. That kind of reaction is something I don't get when I over eat vegetables and fruits and even when I have a huge greasy burger. It solidified for me that I feel awake and aware when I stay clean and dedicated.

I feel my absolute best when I wake up have an alkaline coffee, a fruit/fruit bowl/smoothie, then have some veggies or a sandwich for lunch, then for dinner something light, and of course snacking in between. I find that these days I have the most energy, I don't feel lethargic, full or heavy, and I can accomplish the most physically before feeling tired. I also notice that these days lead to the best nights sleep, I don't have dramatic dreams, no tossing and turning, I wake up feeling more rested, I wake up earlier and faster.

So hopefully my detox phase ends, the detox drink tastes delicious and the detox its self isn't terrible its definitely bearable, and I doubt anyone else would even notice the things Im referring to, myself I can't quite tell if its the detox or how many spoonfuls of peanut butter I've been eating when I'm feeling peckish. I will keep you updated on my transformations


Namaste ♥

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