What is my truth?

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

What is my truth? What have I over come and experienced and in turn what do I see of myself, my life and my future? Who am I? How can I influence the world? How can I be the light? How do I stay in the light?

  • I am deeply influenced by those around me, moved by the energy in a room and in tune with the feelings of others. In turn I feel that I need to stay within the right frame in order to stay in my personal frequency. It is up to you to figure out how you can remain true to your frequency.

  • Meditation is critically important for relaxing my body, mind and spirit into that place of frequency. What is your favourite way of meditation, what places have you found for resources or techniques?

  • Consistency and dedication to healthy lifestyle also affects mindset, eating clean and having a commitment to what you know makes you feel good is important.

  • I feel in my power when I can help others to feel in their power, but I can only help someone when I am all full.

  • I am a being of happiness, over flowing energy and radiance.

  • I see myself being and continuing to be an individual focused on growth, compassion and love. How do you see yourself?

  • I can influence the world by daily reminders, little acts of kindness and constant progress towards helping other achieve their goals.

  • Staying in the light is about dedication and trust in yourself, it is easy to fall out of routine, and for some people their routine might be "odd" timing and impractical to others but when you find where it is you are in your power you should remain there. Try not to fall victim to easy living, comfort, in the sense that you don't stick to your own commitments because it's easier to stay in bed.

  • Get up and do something magical today.


Marisa ♥

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