Can you feel it.

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

There is something in the works my beautiful friends. Just you wait there is a magnificent shift I have been feeling coming.

This next year will be as they say a "period of magnificent transformation", "metanoia", "radical shifts". I look forward to looking back at my self and feeling all the gratitude for all of the lessons I learned this past year. It has been by far my fastest transformation as of yet so to see how much more will shift is going to be magical.

Some of my lessons from this past year:

People will only understand you from their own perception of the world, their own understanding. It's up to you to decide what you find important enough to argue, debate or defend to people, and in return deal with the consequences that might have on your energy, and productivity.

It's important to find what brings you energy and what takes it away. Be picky with your company, don't chill with energy vampires, and when you're being one figure out a way to bring yourself away from that and back into self-sufficiency.

Self improvement is going to take serious effort, investment and time commitment. Be patient with yourself but also don't allow yourself to be making endless excuses for lessons you should have learned months/years ago. If you want to move forward your own mind needs to be influenced by outside sources that aren't biased. Read books, take seminars, courses, learn about people, about yourself.

Get to work, anything and everything worth having doesn't come for free. Putting your emotions and energy behind your manifestations and hoping they will magically happen is not logical. For amazing things to manifest you are still required to work towards them.

Be honest, with yourself and others, even when you know your honest answer isn't what someone wants to hear. That is where your authenticity lives.

Have a beautiful happy New Years celebration and I look forward to hearing all of your intention setting.

Namaste my loves,


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