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Updated: Apr 22, 2020

One of my favorite things about social media is its ability to connect you to people all over the world that have similar interests. We often hear about the negative effects of using social media, judgment, lack of self confidence and comparison, but how often do we hear about the amazing ways that it influences our life. The trick to allowing it to be a positive influence on your life is being diligent about cleaning it up frequently, responding quickly to anything that brings up feelings and removing those things that trigger feelings of inadequacy (at least for the time being). Often when we are triggered by something it's because we recognize a piece of ourselves in another that we're probably not honouring.

I have gotten to this place of honouring my instinctual feelings when I come across someones page, I can feel if they will be good or bad for me and I decide whether or not to follow but what I want you all to realize is that I always dive deep into why I am feeling a certain way I never decide not to follow someone because they make me feel sad without questioning why.

That being said we want to ensure that we're still allowing those things that do trigger us to be a positive influence as it is. If you are triggered by something it can be extremely liberating to look into why it is you feel the way you do.

I came across this instagram account recently and I was loving the aesthetic, but after a few minutes of looking at her page I started to feel a lack. I decided not to follow her simply because I didnt want to contirue to see things that may bring up those feelings. However, I did address the feelings, I meditated on how I feel that I am somehow less than her. What came up was this deep feeling of inauthenticity, my realization that I am not living into all the aspects of my self that make me feel powerful and beautiful.

That fact actually brought me farther into this contemplation, why don't I share everything I'm passionate about. Am I scared? Hell yah, that's all there is to it. I am so passionate about some things that may stir up so many feelings in others that I stay safe. This is my post promising to share things that bring joy to my soul despite what others might think.

This is why I love social media I connect with beautiful people all over that light up my life with their incredible talents that inspire my own artistic expression. Instagram is amazing for this, not only that but you can find all kinds of life changing businesses that you can support.

Another thing I have done (sorry mom) is block her... I love my mother but I can recognize that my feelings are fragile when it comes to our relationship and I would like to protect my artistic expression by not giving her the opportunity to comment on them.

I'll work through that one, I always want to hear all of your opinions on how you stay positive on social media, how you live couragously on social and how you protect your self as well.

Namaste my loves,


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