Updated: Apr 22, 2020

I learned of this term from George a man very dear to my heart (one day I'll write about how his beautiful presence influences my life). I wanted to share a post on my most up to date understanding of what my Ikigai is. As I'm not yet sure I'm truly living into my Ikigai this is the beginning of my journey.

As he wrote in his book (which I totally recommend you go buy) an Ikigai is something that you love to do, are good at, the world needs and you could get paid to do. Your reason for being. So ultimately I think of my love of sharing and connecting with people, my learning of new things, and my immense desire to travel the world and have new experiences.

Where am I at on making my ikigai a full time gig...

Well, I have created this platform for sharing the things that I love. I've invested in my education so that I can help people and heal people. I have let go of fear of judgment and started to move towards things that bring me joy. I think that when you are making any decision you can either make one that moves you closer to your ikigai or joy, or further away from it.

I am happy to say that I make decisions based on my own happiness and not others, I share things with people when I think that they will benefit from my sharing it (or if I want to share it out of joy) and I have put multiple streams of income in place to guarantee that sometime in the near future I will be able to travel as much as I want and still be able to have everything I want and need.

It wasn't always easy living true to myself, I remember vividly having a conversation with an old friend about thinking about dropping out of university because I just knew, had an inner knowing, that it wasn't right for me. I often think of the people who say that dropping out of university shows lack of discipline and not following through of commitments, but what I realized was that I was following through on commitments that I had made with myself a long time ago. Ones that were then buried over by social conditioning and limiting beliefs. I had finally started to uncover myself again and it was one hell of a rough journey. One where I thought I was crazy a few times because I had self doubt and others also telling me that what I wanted to achieve wouldn't work.

Looking back I'm so grateful for every single circumstance that brought me to learn the things I have learned, gained the experience to know who I am and what is good for me. So now when someone asks me a question I know where I am sharing from and I have no reason to say or do anything other than what is true to me out of love.

This has been a bit of a spin off of reason for being, but my point was that at one point I tried to fit what my reason for being was into a box that would be acceptable to the wider public and it was structured and would have looked good on paper, but I was miserable and could not imagine continuing on the path I was on. So I changed that path and everyday I make conscious decisions to move closer towards my reason for being. I hope you decide to do the same. What is one thing you have been wanting to do that you have been scared to do for fear of judgment or whatever else?

Much love



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