Updated: Apr 22, 2020

2019 is the year of me. The year I learn who I am alone, who I am on fire. Because what is life when you're not experiencing it as a blaze of pure realization or a sigh of bliss.

What I know so far is I love so deeply that it is almost too much to contain, but why would we want to contain it. Love is the best part of being me I have never had a problem feeling love, true love for people, it comes so naturally to me, I see someone lit up by their passions, lit up by their joy bringers and I emanate love. It simply seeps from my pores. I hope that it shows.

I know that I am an artist on a soul level, I flow through my day and visualize the painting of my surroundings to create a colourful vibrant landscape to be explored on multiple sensory levels.

I know that my abilities have not nearly reached the peak of their potential and I'm inspired by the fact that my whole world can be completely changed in little to no time at all if I truly desire so. How liberating it is to know that this life your mind has brough to being can be undone and reframed as many times as it takes to learn what living authentically looks like for you.

So.. what comes to mind when I think uninhibited, I think strong, vibrant, colourful, radiant, sensual, expressive, open, alive, courageous, creative, soulful, zen, explorative, light. How exhilarating to know that I'm the only one who actually gets to decide what and who I am.

This will be the year of travel, experience, love, creation, learning.

I cannot wait to share all of that with you.



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