Soul Fire or Something along those lines

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

I fancy myself a creative, and here are some of the things I like to do with my time simply for enjoyments sake.

Yoga is woven into every fibre of my being at this point they say that every cell in your body has been replaced over a 7 year period, considering that I've been practicing and living into what is my yoga for almost 10 years I think it's only logical to assume that I am no longer practicing yoga but I am yoga.

I love to camp, turn off my phone, sit by a river, in a kayak and be still, silent like the water. Going off into nature is something that creates such a profound state of inner peace like nothing else. I often go for long walks, sit by the water by my house and meditate. I love to go for bike rides, and go rollerblading.

I am quite creative but as I pick up so many different modalities I cannot say that I consider myself truly gifted at any one thing. I love to draw, paint, sculpt, design, decorate and craft to name a few.

Much like yoga, I love to dance and move my body. I find it is one of the best ways to reconnect to physicality. Sex is also something I enjoy, and I do find it quite a creative, expressive process, not only does it allow you to explore physical aspects of yourself it allows you to connect to another in a deep spiritual way.

Which brings me to another realm of what I spend my time investing in. Spirituality, I love to learn about spirituality, whether practices I intend to incorporate into my own life or learning simply for learning sake. I love talking to people about different healing modalities and find the energy medicines fascinating.

I love to workout, kickboxing, f45, hiit, pilates. Any workout that also includes a nice community feel...

I love to indulge in delicious cuisine with relish. hehe food pun

Photography is something I enjoy and have always wanted to dip my toe into, but like the me that I am, I have some aversion to doing the cool things and that's totally something I see as cool.

Bascially I love to live a life of great experiences... What are some things you like to do? I want to try some new things, set my soul on fire.



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