Even Yogis find Anxiety.

I want to write this post because I've been having a lot of anxiety come up in my life the past couple weeks. I want to talk about it because as much as I know why I'm experiencing it and I know what I need to do to resolve the feelings they are still here, I'm still feeling them, I still have to navigate everyday life with my friends, family etc. without lashing out, without disassociating and shutting down from my emotions.

I wan't to write this post because I feel like there are always reasons for why we're feeling a certain way, your body speaks to you on so many levels. It is important to learn your body's language for sadness, anger, and anxiety.

Each one for me has different physiology that goes with it. Often we can figure out what is causing the feeling by being very in tune with our body.

And often our bodies were already speaking to us long before the emotional response came up.

For me as someone who identifys with the scoliosis pattern we could expect that a lot of my emotions would show up as back pain long before they show up as a traditionally perceived emotional reaction such as crying. For this reason I urge you to learn your body cues for these feelings. It is so much more important in my eyes to get to the root of why you're having these feelings rather than to treat them on the surface, even if with herbal and natural remedies. That is why I say you need to learn your body's cues. To learn when you need to nurture something.

When I feel back pain, I look back on the weeks prior to think about what my days have looked like. Have been practicing yoga, doing my meditation, tapping, journalling, etc? Or have I been avoiding them because I've been focused elsewhere. When the answer is non-consistency then I know why my mental, physical and emotional have not felt balanced.

It is so so important to put your body first, your health first, you will always have a chance to be better at this, that and the other if you have a well body.

Now when you recognize things that are in fact up to the universe and you need to let go a little bit to allow the flow to happen but your mind is set on controlling it here are some things I recommend to calm, go inward and find presence.

1. Rescue Remedy, for those days when you have a lot on your mind but still need to show up as a boss (undistracted) in front of people.

This one contains a blend of herbals including: Clematis flower, Impatiens flower, Rock rose flower, Cherry plum and Star of Bethlehem flower.

2. CBD oil for when the emotions turn into physical pains, for me back pain, sometimes headaches.

3. EFT or Tapping is a way that I have found is very effective not only for emotional pain but also physical pain. Here is a video on how to do it and here is a book if you would prefer that.

4. Meditation will always be something that I recommend you do daily at a minimum but if you notice a particular feeling Insight Timer is a great app for guided meditations on all kinds of topics. Personally I really love the sleep ones.

5. Get into your body, move, go for a walk, yoga, dance, or self massage are all great ways to bring your self into the present moment.

I could go on with all the self care rituals that I do on a regular basis, but what I want you to take away i

s that you know your body. You know what causes you to feel out of balance, you need to learn what specific tools you need to stay true to you. Whether is it hanging upside down for 5 minutes a day or it's a nice glass of wine on Friday find what helps you feel centred and powerful.

I believe in you.



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