How To Stay Sexy

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

This is my tips on how to stay feeling sexy.

Number one for me will always start with how my body is feeling physically, have you been eating to nourish or have you been eating to quiet?

Your choices in food can be an amazing indicator on how you're feeling mentally and emotionally, and feeling sexy is intricately woven.

Start by loving on your body with delicious, colourful, nutritious foods. I like to keep them light, I just feel sexier this way, if you feel sexy after a steak go have one!

I have some other posts on related topics such as eating to reduce period pain, balance hormones, increase sexual energy and reduce bloating. Please go check those out.

Moving your body is next, for some people that can be yoga, working out, kickboxing, but I recommend allowing it to be a freestyle movement, not too structured allow your body to take you away in intuitive movements.

On that note, having a fun playlist has an amazing way of bringing you back into your body. I know for myself if I've had a very productive, mentally stimulating day I can feel somewhat disconnected from my body. 2-3 minutes of dancing later and I feel like a sexual goddess.

Self-care can be so powerful. Baths, putting on some body oil, taking a more luxurious shower where I exfoliate all have a way of bringing back my sexual energy.

Reading, writing, drawing and learning about things that you're passionate about, not necessarily sexually can have a great way of awakening passion. There are some great podcasts out there on all kinds of topics. Some of my faves: Your own magic, and I'm forever loving the sex magic podcast.

Lastly is discovering what your go to "1, 2, 3, slay the day" tool is, for me it's red lipstick. It's magical what a little rouge can do for your sexuality. For me I walk a little taller, speak a little stronger and flow a lot sexier.

In my mind that's why Maya Angelou wrote:

Now you understand Just why my head’s not bowed. I don’t shout or jump about Or have to talk real loud. When you see me passing, It ought to make you proud. I say, It’s in the click of my heels, The bend of my hair, the palm of my hand, The need for my care. ’Cause I’m a woman Phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, That’s me.​

In terms of actual steps you can take to bring yourself to sexual confidence I recommend doing the following:

Make sure that you're proud and align with how you express your self through hair, clothing, your house and your belongings. Do not keep things that you do not feel are yours, that do not bring you joy, or that allow you to play small and safe.

Try something new, visit a new city, try a new cuisine, enjoy a new hobbie. "Novelty is the greatest aphrodisiac,"says Sandor Gardos, Ph.D., and founder of

Spend more time everyday naked. One of the biggest reasons we do not feel sexy is simply because we do not appreciate our bodies for the god given divinity that it is. So stay a little while longer naked after a shower, linger when you have the opportunity to relax in the nude. This is so liberating and naturally you might feel more aroused.

Indulge in healthy delicious foods. No one feels sexy when they feel heavy from food.

I ask that you explore different habits and start to take note of when you feel most in your power, what did you do differently and how can you bring the into the rest of your days. Please share below your tips on staying confident and sexy.

There is nothing more stimulating than sexual energy, so make sure you put that energy to good use, get out there and create a magical fulfilling life for yourself!



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