Updated: Apr 22, 2020

I have been feeling frustrated lately, for those of you who know human design, I'm a manifesting generator and that is not a good sign. I have been feeling frustrated at the state of the world in regards to sex. Sexual relationships, sexual health, sexual maturation and the topic in general. There is such a sickening amount of conditioning and societal expectation when it comes to engaging with sex. From the assumption of someones sexual orientation, physical sexual organs, desire to partake in sex, monogamy and other prescribed "safety" precautions. (Do not get me wrong, safe sex is what you want to partake in) but some STIs are the equivalent to getting a cold... so wth is all the fear and shame about.

However, shame has been in the classroom way too long and personally I'm sick of it.

I wrote a goal on my wall during new years, something like "be authentically me on the internet" and a few days later at dinner my dad had made a joke about it saying something like "oh are you going to go be naked on the internet" and it was a joke so automatically I'm thinking no... not that I had thought of? I don't particularly want to be naked on the internet. But what the fuck if I did? My body is nothing to be ashamed of or made fun of.

For humans to be so innovative, so creative, in art, in technology but to neglect their own body, to attempt to restrict what others should and should not do is ridiculous to me. We are so detached from our bodies, I'm talking beyond sexually, physically, energetically we no longer understand our bodies as a society. We live too much in the mind, creating rules, systems and structures to build into this economy, industry to benefit who?

That is my little rant for today. I don't really have a point to all of it. But I wanted to think out loud. So thanks for reading. Also if you could please go pick up Come as you are by: Emily Nagoski, she shares some really interesting research that is the basis for how we interact with one another sexually and it was basically all a lie. She educates you on human anatomy, the variability of sexual outcomes and also the wide range of ways that humans perceive the sexual experience. It really is so much more interesting than penis goes in vagina boom everyones happy.

I'm really not sure where I learned to feel grossed out by certain things, to feel ashamed of others. So here is my unpacking slowly with your assistance.



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