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As someone who is on social media daily, whether it's working towards my own goals for my brand, website or business or working for someone else (be it as a freelancer or what have you.) I have come to learn that people have this deep need for instant gratification. I recently turned off all of my notifications on my phone other than instagram and texting/calling notifications. I did this as a way to clear out the noise that is bombarding me on a daily basis. I used to have anxiety about phone calls, text messages, emails and other notifications that I felt required my immediate attention.

I have recently learned that by setting times for myself to check certain apps, emails or websites I can firstly limit my exposure to time wasting, secondly get really clear on what kind of activity or interactions are important and align with my goals and lastly, reduces the anxiety I feel about getting back to people immediately.

Unfortunately, because I receive so many notifications occasionally I was missing ones that were important communications that effect my ability to show up for my coworkers in a professional manner, inevitably conversations that would provide me with an income.

What I am finding interesting is that since I have moved away from the daily requirement of my constant availability on social media some people no longer reach out, some people make more of an effort to get a hold of me and that is something that I am finding so much appreciation in.

I am only one person, I cannot respond to everything everyday or I'll never get anything done that I need to for my own wellbeing, mentally, spiritually, financially and physically. So thank you to those of you who are respecting my boundaries, not getting upset with me for not getting back to you immediately or who are making a larger effort for our relationships as I navigate my new ways of interacting with social media.

I am so grateful for you all.



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