Anal Play: Part 1

Everyone has a butt, it's only natural that anyone could if they want to enjoy anal play, how egalitarian. Not only is our anus a strong sensation spot for women but men also have a prostate that is quite essential in experiencing the full range of sexual stimulations that can be felt.

Before you begin to explore ways to incorporate anal into your sexual experience I want to talk about how to ensure your experience is safe and enjoyable.

This will be the first of a 3 part series!

What we want to start with when beginning to bring anal stimulation into our sexual experiences is the desire to explore, the openness to learn and enthusiastic consent if with another person.

I always recommend exploring these sensations alone especially if you are at all nervous to partake. Subtle introductions into your own self pleasure awakens a curiosity and interest to explore further.

For me I didn't have a slow introduction, I was introduced to the sensation by a previous partner of mine and I do not believe it was previously discussed, Ask for consent y'all. Luckily I enjoyed the experience and that was that.

Now some of you might be opposed to this particular form of stimulation, I know for a lot of men they learned to see it as wrong, or 'gay' and if you're concerned about your sexuality or preferences than perhaps allow yourself the opportunity to explore worst case scenarios, because worst case scenario is you enjoy it and need to look at why you're so opposed to the possibility of your sexuality being more fluid than you previously thought.

Experiencing any kind of stimulation alone does not determine your sexual orientation, nor would your sexual orientation make you any less deserving of all the pleasure in the world.

We all, men and women have a butt hole... so it is really hard to look at the pleasure brought by stimulation as one thing or another, it simply is another opportunity for us to experience pleasure.

Men right now if you have thought at any point that anal is 'gay' and that it's a bad thing. I want you right now to go and listen to this podcast.

You're welcome.

Now, in the next post on this topic we will explore preparation for anal, things like the different types of enemas, barrier methods etc.

In the last post we'll explore how to dive into exploration with toys, and partners.

For now I want you to bring the thought and intention into exploring these sensations, use a finger to stimulate during self pleasure as an added sensation to whatever else you were planning on doing.

Comment down below your biggest fear when it comes to exploring anal so I can begin to discuss those questions in future posts.

Thanks for reading lovelies!


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