Countries Where Sex Toys are Banned.

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Yep believe it or not sex toys are banned in some countries. When I learned this recently after booking a trip to Bali I was shocked and a little perplexed doing the math of how to get around this.

Unfortunately, not all countries are as sex positive as north america, and of course we still have a long way to go. While trying to get to the bottom of this I read a few headlines and quotes from other articles on the topic and it seems that it's specifically items deemed to enhance "sexual desire" while items such as viagra are still allowed... we all know what this means. The strength of sexually liberated women can over throw governments. Anyways here are the countries where they may or may not deem your sex toys a danger to society and throw them away at customs and worse arrest you.

1. I thought I would start with good ol' close to home on this one. Alabama is a state yes in north america that you cannot buy sex toys in at all. While you can travel to Alabama with sex toys you will not find them sold... they have a law against sex toys... something about it being a criminal offence to use items for sexual pleasures purposes.

I often forget just how blessed I have been, when travelling with sex toys, usually on my own, I've only had one official in Germany once giggle at me.

This Canadian hasn't been so lucky and it really enlightens us to the scary laws that seem ridiculous when you forget about how repressed and oppressive still even North America is.

'"I could have you charged with being a working girl! The proof is right here!"

All I could do is shake my head. This can't be real.'(huffington post) read her story here.

2. India: This one kind of surprised me tbh, with their famous Kama sutra texts, I assumed they would be as sex positive as the next guy. They are not and while you can sort of get away with it as long as your item can be described as a health product and doesn't fuel "lascivious, or overtly sexual, thoughts and behaviour" - Quartz it is still not recommended to bring sex toys through customs.

3. Thailand: "Obscene objects"

4. Maldives: The ideal romance travel destination, oops sex toys are considered pornography... looks like good ol' fashion fun is being had on those getaways.

5. Malaysia: Possession of sex toys punishable by law, fine and 3-5 years in jail. damnn

6. Vietnam: This ones not so bad if you forget while headed there they'll hold on to them so you can take them when you leave... I'm just imagining the storage area for this at the airport and all the forgotten sad toys.

7. A few countries under Islamic laws also have banned sex toys, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Indonesia.

Hope this helps... Im still disappointed I didn't know before booking a trip to Bali... I guess I'll be getting creative.

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