Eye Gazing: Tantra

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

There is a quiet inner calling of lust and desire, when you stare into another's eyes you can see thoughts they are unwilling to speak, deep intimate sentiments displayed in their expressions.

It is one of the most intimate activities I have personally ever indulged in with another and can be such a beautiful way to connect in intimacy with your love.

It is easy for humans to get caught up in communicating and we often think we are good communicators because we discuss our wants and desires, what we think we need and how we feel.

Occasionally, we experience a lack of understanding because language relies heavily on perception and understandings of the meanings of words.

While most of us are familiar with communicating verbally with our partners or friends there is an added level of intimacy when you take away words and rely solely on nonverbal communication.

Humans rely more than we recognize on nonverbal communication so don't freak out it can be an enlightening experience. We're all familiar with the flailing of hands, the facial expressions and the numerous grunts and groans we come to recognize from those we love. But we may also become aware of all the thoughts we deeply want to say to them or how uncomfortable that intimacy can make us feel, as well as the pain we witness in their eyes or the deep connection that we lost in anger.

Eye Gazing is a Tantra practice that is known to enhance the intimacy between you and a partner.

As we all have heard the eyes are the window to the soul, by looking into someone's eye you begin to know them on a deeper less verbal level, it opens our heart chakras and allows us to receive and connect to their presence more spiritually.

This is a practice, as I mentioned, and I usually use the word practice for activities that require time and effort to cultivate, in the same way you practice interpersonal skills or an instrument this practice may be frustrating or even deeply emotional at first. So give it time and be patient with yourself, if it is hard at first you can stop and start again at another time.

I want to walk you through a few different ways to work this into your life. To build deeper connections with those around you and yourself. I know for me I used to and sometimes still do have a hard time looking into people's eyes, for some reason my eyes tend to dart away and find less entrapping places to look. Start with yourself. Look into your mirror and acquaint yourself with your own soul. What do you see in your eyes?

If you want to practice this with another person here's how:

First step to any spiritual practice is ensuring your environment is one you'd be willing to walk yourself through if you were the Royal we all are. Hold these practices with the reverence they deserve and this means having a sacred space to practice them. Neat and tidy.

Add in anything you might like to enhance the space around you, diffusing oils, candles are a beautiful addition as natural light is best, some music and soft fabrics around you.

When you are ready to begin the practice sit in front of your partner and place your palms together. This creates an energetic loop not essential for the practice but definitely enhances it.

Now stare into their eyes, the goal is to stare into their eyes for an extended period of time, we'll start with 10 minutes.

You may experience hallucinations, or strong emotions allow yourself to be a calm observer and know that it is all part of the practice.

After the practice, you can share with your partner how that was for you and what you wanted to say or you can keep it to yourself that is up to you.

A good book to start your practice is Tantric Intimacy If you are interested in more content on Tantra practices please let me know and I'll be happy to keep them coming. Sometimes our intimacy with our partner can be dramatically improved without the use of tools and products and simply with intention and practice.

Thank you all for reading, I love you and hope you have an incredible tantric experience with your partner.

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