"My Period Hates Me"

& Why I don't subscribe to this thought process.

I have seen all my life on social media so many posts about periods sucking and "my period hates me" endless memes about periods (which are actually so funny) and here is why I don't subscribe to the thought process that your period hates you.

Our periods are much like any other aspect of our body, a looking glass into our health.

They are trying to teach us at all times that we might have areas of our lifestyle we need to shift.

I can attest that I experienced many, many years of painful periods before I set out to heal myself. I have finally reached a place where I can recognize shifts in my menstrual cycle directly linked to the month prior, how I treated myself, emotionally, nutritionally and otherwise. 

You need to identify with your period, it is not some outer experience it is our deepest most sacred connection to our femininity and the cycles of the earth. Start to see it as a reflection of your health, become aware of what foods positively and negatively influence it, become aware of if certain activities leading up to that time are the right kind of activities. Allow your body to guide you and listen to your body, when it wants to rest allow it to rest. 

We often push through month after month when our body is asking for rest, our society isn't designed to follow cyclically and intuitively our bodys desires. When you come back to it and begin to learn its language we can heal ourselves.

So I urge you to take small steps towards listening slowly but surely to what you feel called to do. Take baby steps, say no a bit more often and allow yourself to be introspective.

Sometimes it does take research and assistance to learn what is causing the dis-ease. That's where I come in for people, helping them get to the root issues, be it hormones, pH imbalances, sugar levels or digestive issues there are so many ways to improve your experience so that it is no longer painful, it can be just like any other day. Trust me I have been in both shoes. Ones where I thought I might pass out from the pain, full body sweats, but it can get sooo much better.

Some ways to start to make your period more pain free now are:

1. Invest in healthier menstrual products, I always recommend menstrual cups, or organic disposables if that's what you prefer

2. Ask for what you need, do not be afraid to call in sick if you're not feeling well. It does not do you any good to push through the pain.

3. Avoid, sugar and dairy leading up to your period, sugar is inflammatory and dairy can be quite upsetting to our digestive system. small amounts are okay but I really do feel like most people are not having small amounts.

4. Avoid conventional coffee on your period. If you want some coffee that saves me anytime I do have cramps this is what I drink without a doubt everytime my cramps are gone!

Your period does not hate you, it is simply asking you to slow down, set aside the need to be constantly on and ready to work hard, you are allowed to rest. Then when you have rested your body will wake you up with such exhilaration you will know you have healed.

Please Comment down below your go to selfcare habits while on your period. I personally love to take baths.

Namaste my loves,


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