Painful Sex

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

A large percentage of women experience pain during intercourse, for many of them they have visited doctors time and time again and received little to no assistance what so ever on how to make their experience more enjoyable. I myself have heard at least a few times "oh sex is just painful"... or "that's just how it is sometimes" or even worse is "that's normal"

Ladies and vagina owners... pain during intercourse is not normal (unless that's what you're into then go for it boo) let me say it again PAIN DURING INTERCOURSE IS NOT NORMAL, just like painful periods or painful digestion is not normal all of these states are showing you that there is something not quite balanced in your body.

Let's look at some of those reasons:

1. Structural: Did you know that there are intricate muscles within our pelvic floor that can and do frequently become tight, weak, or sore...

Our pelvic floor muscles require love and attention like the rest of our body if you work out but you're not working out your pelvic floor you're forgetting about some of the most essential muscles for holding up your internal organs. Not only do they hold up our internal organs they also hold in our urine, poopsies etc, meaning they are always contracting and releasing around our vaginal walls.

A major source of pain for people is the tightness of these pelvic floor muscles and tight muscles are weak muscles.

How do we see if this is the source of our pain during intercourse? There are a few ways, but I think the most beneficial is going to see a pelvic physiotherapist for a check-up, they'll be able to access what muscles need work and why you might be having discomfort. They'll give you steps and exercises to make sure muscularly you're taking care of yourself.

2. Digestion: Honey, if you're constipated sex, is not going to feel great. When I say constipated I mean pooping less than 2 times a day. When I first started learning about the body and nutrition I was shocked that most of my childhood I was constipated and no one did a thing about it. Imagine being bloated, that feeling of discomfort is not going to go away just because you get aroused and ready to go...

How do you fix this issue? Start by upping your water and fiber intake. Good chance you know what you should be doing differently you just haven't quite gotten there yet. Yes, I do mean eat more fruits and vegetables. If you're still experiencing imbalance you may want to come to see an expert like me to get to the bottom of the possible hormone, allergies, or digestive imbalances.

3. Are conditions such as endometriosis, PCOS, infections, and imbalances. Most likely someone experiencing pain during intercourse is experiencing a combination of things. So it is, of course, best to check with your doctor prior to determining the best course of treatment.

We know that hormone imbalances can influence lubrication and that will directly influence the level of discomfort, we know that pH imbalances will also influence the discomfort levels. There are a lot of different things that could be going on at it is best to see a professional so that you don't spend lots of money trying different things out.

Of course, there are many things I did not mention but I wanted to start to bring up the question, "why might I be experiencing pain during intercourse?" It is ultimately up to you to know your body, you might not understand what each symptom means but knowing your symptoms helps a professional get to the bottom of it with you. If you have gone to a gynecologist many times and heard "Everything looks good" but you're still experiencing discomfort know that is just one person who will be able to show you one angle of your health. There are many other professionals who work with the female reproductive system who will be able to help you.

Comment down below if you have had frustrating experiences with doctors relating to your sexual health.

xoxo Marisa

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