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Signing Up For Your Wholesale Account Is Easy!

It's really a no-brainer to open your own account...

My suggestion is to start with a Starter Kit which saves you more money and the 60$ fee acts like a Costco membership for a year.

 If you're not sure which kit to start with LET'S CHAT BEFORE you sign up (I definitely have my faves)

Just Follow these simple steps...

Plants and Coffees

Here's How

1. Choose Country & Language

2. Click On Distributor Sign Up

3. Add Starter Kit & any other products or kits you would like. 

4. Fill out your information.

5. Review your order and pay. You are now on your way to enhanced health and wellness! 

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Shaz Garrard says: 

"I suffered for many years with migraine and was taking prescribed medication that gave me really bad side effects. Since taking the ganoderma and drinking our coffee/tea I no longer suffer with migraine and don't take any prescribed drugs. In fact, if I get a headache I drink an OG Red Tea and before I have finished the tea my headache goes away. Now I always make sure I have plenty of red tea in stock and I drink all other products because I love them so much and I feel amazing!

Still feel like you need a bit more info before you commit?

I get it. Making a purchase, any purchase can be a big investment for some. If you do not already have a wholesale account and would like to book a call with me please click this button below.  I'd be happy to walk you through any questions you may have.